Another Landmark, and another Cerberus.

6 07 2009

Even a fairly old Linkshell like WoopaTroopas and it’s varying iterations are subject to occasional, unprescedented events. And indeed, another has happened, defying all logic we have come to know. Upon Claiming today, the Closet case known as King behemoth (What straight man is that purple? SRSLY?!) we engaged in a fairly short fagdrag of sorts (Get it, lolkiting the homosexual King). Upon defeat, our linkshell was stunned with disbelief. For something even rarer than the defending ring dropped. My friends, WoopaTroopas obtained this day, it’s very first Double HQ King abjuration drop. Indeed a pleasing event, though somewhat sad that it took this long.kbjune5

There was also a Cerberus, but unless the Hide is HQ’d, it doesn’t deserve a screenshot.

Sorry, no Lulz today. Couldn’t find a relevant (Like it matters) picture to stick on here, Deal with it!




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