The Treasure Hunter is a Lie.

26 09 2009

The Thief job (Class for those not versed in the FFXI ways, though if you’re reading this I have to wonder why) is an interesting case. Completely incompetent at Damage, absolutely worthless at hate control (Assuming your tanks don’t suck), and in no way beneficial to obtaining extra or desired loot, save for crystals. One has to sit back and ponder for a moment, then, what this job is useful for. It all inevitably leads back to the most universal of expressions, the facepalm. For Thief has no purpose. Even tools are useful, Thief is neither a tool, nor is it useful. Some bold declarations I dare say. However,Thirty odd Fafnirs without a Ridill drop, and a King Behemoth that dropped more gil items than any previous (the latter had absolutely no TH on it) speak volumes more than some idiot spamming on a blog.  But at least desired items were at least obtained, a petty victory, but a victory nonetheless. So have at this compiled screenshot to satiate your hunger for a visually stimulating medium. Gratz on Shadowkept for Assjammer hat.Events9-24




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