New content conquered.

6 04 2010

The March update’s content certainly did not last long. A mere two weeks after the March Update has passed, Woopas has cleared the entire roster of VNM’s. Including the surprisingly easy Yilbegan, though I suppose the drop rate of the desired items is befitting of the effort involved in the kill.Better yet however, we also obtained our first Ring, after around fifteen Ruthven kills. Congratulations are in order for Blacksus, being the bearer of a new Strigoi ring.

Addendum: I forgot about the Blobdingnags, Ooooh, the Blobdingnags. What a wonderful sight to behold. I can just imagine the complicated design process to get the art for this NM just right. Clot (Model size 100% ———->500%) VERY CLEVER SE!

At least they put me closer to finishing the Occasionally Attacks Twice Punisher axe for Beastmaster though. Oh, and a Beguiling Collar, that’s actually useful, shocker.

Addendum(II): Instead of spamming additional posts to make it seem like I’m busier than I really am, I’ve opted to simply add to This existing Post until such a time as something other than VNM’s are posted. It’s simpler, saves a little bit of space and let’s face it, Freonski doesn’t deserve another post dedicated exclusively to him, what the fuck am I? Doctor Ballwash (Ph.D).

Anyway, Strigoi Ring TWO! (Freonski)




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