The Early Bird catches the Wyrm, indeed.

19 06 2010

Hopefully Exeter learned his lesson. FFXI and Sleep cannot coexist.

In lighter news, we still haven’t got a Yilbegan Ring to drop in about 40 pops. Not surprising in the least, but no less infuriating. But some of the TIII’s are opening themselves up and allowing their fruits to be enjoyed. Some of the latest:

And of course, nobody bothered to take a screenshot, but Fatty (Exeter) obtained the Aquarian Abjuration: Body from a recent Nidhogg battle, for all the use it will be to a Black Mage he is never on.  Luckily, in light of not having a Screenshot, you will be treated to my amazing artist’s rendition of the glorious battle. Behold!

As always, check your corners, and keep your powder dry.




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