The first Empyrean completed. One of many to follow.

5 01 2011

It’s been a long time since the last post, but that’s the nature of Abyssea, nothing truly spectacular to report on, and the rewards are in quantifiable bits, rather than that one rare Abjuration that finally dropped. So alas, there is no real point in reporting “X many coins of Ardor dropped, whoopie” however, finally something worthy of mention has happened. The honor of the first Empyrean weapon completed belongs to yours truly. Through much toil, and strong camaraderie, the Empryrean Greatsword, Caladbolg, has been given a new home. To those special few who helped the most, Alaistair, Milie, and Tempelshine, I extend my dearest measure of gratitude. To the countless others who helped as well, I too wish to thank you.

With many other Empyreans progressing, who knows which of us will be endowed with the power to beat the living shit out of imaginary creatures? Only time will tell.




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