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A new age has dawned, the ramblings of an old man

A new age seems to be upon us, or rather an old new age since we changed to our old name, Woopatroopas, again, not just in an attempt to boost our morale by appealing to the nostalgia of our members, but also because Woopatroopas sounds kind of cool.

With the name Woopatroopas many memories come to mind, not just memories involving questionable fetishes and Galkas, but also memories of accomplishments, times at which we managed to win even though the odds weren’t exactly in favour of us. Speaking of disadvantageous situations, I still remember our first Nidhogg which we killed back when Slautman and Cyphun were leaders of our small linkshell.

Back then we were a family, we respected each other and arguments were nonexistent, unless a certain man who goes by the name of M**c was involved. Nonetheless we had fun and managed to pull off some pretty exciting stunts, mowing down 90% of the Dragon’s Aery with an unintentional Spike flail for instance. Tears were shed but we managed to turn the tides in favour of us, something which was rewarded with an N. Abjuration: Legs which went to one of our more dedicated members, Susono, who has been staying with our linkshell up until now. Also, the tradition of getting only a single abjuration on all our Nidhogg kills is something we’ve managed to uphold in all of our kills, an amount described by a number which has two digits. A sad tradition? Absolutely. Does it bother us? Most certainly.

To cut a long story short: We would appreciate a double drop. Stay tuned for more!

Going on with our history though, we had our ups and downs. Due to various reasons our leaders left the shell, the green baton of leader-melancholy was handed over to other people and shit hit the fan as we hit an all-time low as far as claims are concerned. Things became more depressing than the current global economic crisis and optimism would have been as inappropriate as pink slippers at a funeral.

Facing this difficult situation we eventually had to realize that we had to extend our family a bit, something which worked out pretty well and eventually the situation improved, leading to new motivation, further emphasized by our happy-go-lucky name MoogleLounge.

Naturally extending our memberbase also meant bringing in unpleasant fellows, backstabbing, nefarious people, guys you’d immediately recognize as the villain in a bad movie from the fifties. Trying to maintain peace under these circumstances seemed to be in vain and thus we had to dispose of certain people.   Regrettable? Maybe. Necessary? Guess so.

These are problems every shell has to go through I suppose but it’s important what remains after this – a den of terror infested with drama or a shell that was strengthened by the problems that were overcome in an attempt to maintain peace.

And thus our neverending struggle for items of questionable design continued for more than a year, approaching the two-year mark even as you read this.  And along the road this blog will be used to write down our accomplishments, the annals of win so to speak.

Now, who am I? I am but a humble man of German descent, known as Darakor of the Odin server. I wish you fun while reading this blog and ask you to refrain from expressing words of anger or envy. Having fun is our goal after all, so let us not indulge in that kind of behaviour and instead congratulate each other on our accomplishments, even though we might be in rival linkshells.


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