Rest easy, sweet prince.

3 10 2010

Absolute Virtue has finally been Vanquished. I don’t know what more to say, while it certainly isn’t unprecedented, or particularly impressive on any other level but a managerial one, it still offers a great deal of closure to all who witnessed it. I’m not here to stroke our ego (Well, technically I am, but my blog, my rules bitch) so I’m not going to talk about how ‘azome’ we are for being able to basically kill something while Invincible, but what I will say, is great job to all participants, you earned your victory.

Moving on to less interesting, but more groundbreaking news, Abyssea continues to be the center of activity for almost all of FFXI. It’s a double-edged sword, of sorts. At the good end, you have fun content, and great loot, at the other, you have the forsaken and irrelevant game left behind by Abyssea. It is quite a strange position to be in, but perhaps SE intended this as a way to maintain both FFXIV and FFXI players’ simultaneous accounts, who is to say? Anyway, here’s the most noteworthy kills of our time in Abyssea.