It’s been a while, thanks for coming.

15 01 2010

It’s been a while that’s for damn sure. It’s nice to take a break from Final Fantasy XI every so often, and that break isn’t going to end any time soon, however just so much has happened. I’ve popped my ugly head on every few days to see what’s what, and I got to say, what I’m about to post is quite interesting, and not even all inclusive. It’s almost as if Square Enix was in a heavy ballwash regimen for the past two months

Sever populations are starting to dwindle, and the remaining FFXI players are reaping the benefits, aside from another competing shell consisting of a good third of the ENTIRE SERVER, it’s virtually impossible to not snag a claim a day. So expect the loot pools to continue to swell, just don’t expect an update until a month or so after Mass Effect 2’s Launch, cause that’s where I’ll be!

Enjoy your update… You bastards.

For you non-EU:Adama Ore, AdamanOre, AquarianAbjuration:Body, AdamantoiseEgg.

And there’s still more. Nanolino’s Ridill in particular, but it may take some time to navigate the labyrthine archive of screenshots to find that.


The Never Ending Cavalcade of Failure.

9 10 2009

Though from our blog entries as of late, it may seem to the uninitiated that we are skipping many events, however one would be making a false assumption. It’s important to note I generally do not see fit to update the same Fafnir dropping assjammer, or Aspidochelone dropping good ol’ Dfeet, but in the interest of maintaining a sense to the outside world that we indeed are as strong as ever, I will update the latest batch of claims and kills.

This morning being the most expected, an easy claim Aspidochelone that of course only dropped Dryadic Abjuration: feet. But the Egg was sold to a Monk for a paltry 5,000,000 gil. One third of the price we sold an unused Nidhogg abjuration for, so I guess it was not all bad.


A few days ago we managed to hop on out to Chasm and claim ourselves a Tiamat too. Though of course, as is the case with most HNM, the desired item eluded our treasure pool. A rather uneventful battle, Tiamat remaining one of the least impressive foes to grace the surface of Vana’diel.


Khimaira, on the other hand was SLIGHTLY more generous, actually dropping something (though how useful is a case of much debate) that could be considered in terms of blog worthy. Of course however, Hauteclaire Fail chain continues uninturrupted.


And what entry would be complete without complimentary lulz. This one courtesy of Freonski’s quest for Maat’s Cap. As a little backstory for the screenshot, Freo had been trying to get Dragoon’s Testimony for about 5 hours. Alaistair decided he could get it first try, and they made a gentleman’s wager, the results captured in undeniable default screencap.


Need to make a stop at the Failure Station…

6 08 2009


It would appear as though WoopaTroopas knack for almost exclusively getting the Dryadic Abjuration Feet has run it’s course. Either that or Aspidochelone needs to make a withdrawl at the First International Bank of Failure. The Last weekish has produced some interesting results in terms of kings, and indeed, I finally felt it time to update this once more. Starting off with the most impressive, as you may have already guessed, Aspidochelone dropped perhaps WoopaTroopas rarest Abjuration, the Wyrmal Abjuration Body. That however, is only the beginning of a fairly brief, but wonderous run in king drops since the Maintenance and the inevitable 20+ “Emergency” Maintentances that reset kings to JP time. A very late night King Vinegarroon yielded his entirety of Rare/Exclusive drops, and I must take time to Thank the individuals who were not part of our wholesome little linkshell who still assisted. And even more impressive, just today, A Gaiters drop Tiamat. Which was only more impressive by the cacaphony of failure that preceeded it, incuding One flail, countless Horrid Roars, A Raging rush for Single Digits, and finally, a wipe that allowed us to claim Tiamat at 5% and dispatch him for full drops. Shortlythereafter we Also managed to “Snag” of sorts a King Behemoth. When the original Claimers were too few, and unprepared for this very early (Both in Days, and in Windows) pop. But don’t take my word for it, gorge yourselves on these photos straight from the battlefield!


KVaug4 [Gratz: Altaiir(Ace’s Helm); Sandmann(Heavy Shell]

tiamat0806 [Gratz:Goodgirlfaith(Herald’s Gaiters)]

kbaug8 [Gratz: Goodgirlfaith(Wyrmal Abjuration: Head); Xcrashx(Pixie Earring)]

With our Luck surely depleted for the month, prepare yourselves for limitless lulz, as Mbody, after Mfeet, after Elegs, after Ehands drop from kings. There is no better conductor of lulz than drowning in ones own hate.

Aspidochelone Dfeets WoopaTroopas.(Again)

28 06 2009

Rather than rant about what inevitably happens 90% of the time you claim an Asspie Turtle, I thought this little comic would sum it up better and the chuckles might help relive some of the frustration of a wasted King. This originates from the last Aspichelone claimed by the Linkshell some weeks ago, after browsing our claim/drop  archives.StarwarsDfeet1StarwarsDfeet2StarwarsDfeet3StarwarsDfeet4


11 06 2009

I have been saving the OWLICOPTER for a very special day, a day that nobody thought would come in the entirety of our linkshell. We’ve got Defending Ring, We’ve got E.bodies, we’ve got Sea Torques, and even two relics. But nothing beats what happened today, the 11th of June. Prepare thyselves for there will be no going back once you read on.

WoopaTroopas got something other than Dfeet from Aspidochelone. I know, it’s shocking really! On top of that, it was an  uncontested Asspie with only 9 people to help defeat the walking failurefactory. Truly a greater incident in HNM history there is not! And that is only the beginning of a fairly productive day.aspi0611-1An extra big grats goes to Googirlfaith (or just faith, as she prefers) For finally joining the fuzzy green coat club. Having been not present for the past few drops, it was long overdue.

Today also however saw a rebirth of events that had not been attempted in a while, either from lack of interested, or lack of members, however we finally began again to raid Sky(Namely Kirin) And Sea, after over a year of a hiatus. As always, Kirin was unwilling to bestow anything on our group other than the D.body, but at least there was an Osode today. As for sea, I’ll let the screenshots speak for themselves, and send gratz out to Akeem.


One versus seventy. Probability of Failure. ZERO percent.

21 05 2009

With what is normally the end of a college or high school semester nearing or already passed for some, Linkshell activity has been picking up.  With the most recent stretch of engagements resulting in wonderous streak of claims, and a mixed bag of drops.  Starting with the most lulzy, we have Aspidochelone.  Claims in FFXI are, at least as intended by SQUARE-ENIX luck based, however the statistical impossibility of what transpired in the following screenshot leaves many questions.  the EU button function was in at least half effect here.ffxi20090521152402Of course, having expended all EU points for the day, what follows was quit predictable, after all, why give a Linkshell that can actually handle itself (KV with noob RDMs aside) a decent drop?Of course, as reconciliation for the abysmal Dfeet drop, Guivre (Courtesy Sandworm Doomvoid) was unusually generous, resulting in quite the treasure pool. guivreWar does not determine who is right, only who is left.  But internet War only determines who is the virgin.