May twenty-seventh. A day that will live in Luzly infamy.

27 05 2009


If  Final Fantasy XI has one credible pillar to stand on, head and shoulders above all other MMO, it is the truly lulztastic HNM dramas that take place all in the name of virtual items.  The day in the title, as well as the day this post was published (PST time) will serve as possibly one of the best examples of the lulztastic escapades that come within the territory of camping HNM’s within the realm of Final Fantasy XI.  But first it may take a moment, if you are reading this blog, but are not up to speed on the strategies involved with fighting Wyrms, allow me to supplement your meager knowledge with a bit of advice stretching back from time immemorial.  For you see, fellow wanderers, Standing anywhere but on the feet (or nearish) on any of the great Wyrms of Vana’diel is tantamount to suicide. Most often resulting in a complete and total wipe of you and your fellow compatriots.  While given the fact that Wyrms and the associated strategies with them have been figured out for nearly a decade, seeing the reprecussions of a failure to position yourself and your fellow fighters correctly is almost never seen. That is, until today.  Fafnir’s retribution against those who would not dare fight him face to face is catastrophic, but no fancy words, nor proper etiquette could possibly sum up the damage, both physical and mental such an event can have on a linkshells psyche.  Please, those with weak virtual stomachs look away, what you see may shock and apall you.fafsnewfriendsedit

Painful as that is to look at, it is a testimate to the lesson of my previous entry: To underestimate an opponent has been the last mistake of far too many individuals throughout history. It is my hope that the linkshell who fell victim to this massacre learn to either take their opponent more seriously, or to not attempt what they cannot defeat.  Now, you may be looking at this screenshot and wondering if it does get better, and indeed it does.  For after Fafnir was done snacking on the first claimers, another linkshell claimed and engaged the beast.  The fight was proceeding at a usual pace, but again, underestimating the situation was the downfall again of the second claiming linkshell.  Falling prey to a swarm of angry darters that had been accidently claimed by an individual who was not paying enough attention to the battle. A swift demise these people met, and to up the ante of hilarity, the final claim LS was none other than the Woopas themselves. As always, the odds were stacked against us.  Having to make due with no Red mage and only one tank for a portion of the battle due to at least a hafl unjustified jailing, and with only approximately twenty minutes until Fafnir enterd its rage mode, we still managed to fell the foul beast for quite possibly the most abundant, though displeasing treasure pool in WoopaTroopa history.faf0527Sadly, nothing of particular value was to be had. But congrats to Algeron on LolE.hands and the Floor of Dragon’s Aery on everything else.

baha0527Though of course Fafnir was a disapointment (in drops at least) we had much better luck on the other events that occured this day.  A journey to the top of the Obelisk in Tu’Lia procured a subtsantialy useful assortment of items from the Prototype Bio-technological weapon Ultima.  The spoils of which include an item not seen in almost two years.ultima0527 And earlier, a trek to fight the Wyrmking Bahamut yielding perhaps the best assortment of items seen in our attempts thus far, truly an eventful day in the world of Final Fantasy XI.