Non-existant Treasures of Aht Urhgan

19 09 2009


If I could have one request in regards to FFXI, it would be to view the drop algorithms for Notorious monsters in the game. What variable is there that makes shitty linkshells obtain 5 of said item in 2 kills, while another LS who is clearly more competent (Though that technically isn’t saying much) can kill 31 of them and obtain only one. It boggles the mind really. But I suppose if everyone got everything, the game would lose it’s appeal pretty quickly. However, hard as it may be to believe, we still have fun with our events, and in the fairly lax atmosphere, we make fun of the occasional idiot maneuver while a giant purple cockbag hopelessly flails his pathetic attacks in an attempt to defend itself.


And of course, while this was going on, Cerberus was alive and meandering about for some hours, since nobody else saw fit to kill, we figured, what the fuck. I’ll hit that. And so we did. At least when Cerberus fails, only a loldrk is burned.



Busy day indeed.

14 09 2009

Ah the weekends. A time to relax, maybe crack open a few brews, fuck that hedgehog you call a girlfriend. Indeed wonderful times.

Unless you’re in a linkshell, then, everything pops in succession as you’re about to go out for a night on the club. Still, it’s something to blog about, so here’s the latest batch of woopakills.


Unfornately, it is a with a little hesitance I post this Nidhogg picture. I never like the idea of someone else profiting off our work, but I suppose since nobody wanted, it’s okay. It just sucks having to lose a Nidhogg abjuration.Nid

And of course, we have Angry Purple Fail, Khimaira, who’s tenancy to drop absolutely nothing is quite astonishing.

KhimAnd that sums this eventful day up. Until next time.

Another Landmark, and another Cerberus.

6 07 2009

Even a fairly old Linkshell like WoopaTroopas and it’s varying iterations are subject to occasional, unprescedented events. And indeed, another has happened, defying all logic we have come to know. Upon Claiming today, the Closet case known as King behemoth (What straight man is that purple? SRSLY?!) we engaged in a fairly short fagdrag of sorts (Get it, lolkiting the homosexual King). Upon defeat, our linkshell was stunned with disbelief. For something even rarer than the defending ring dropped. My friends, WoopaTroopas obtained this day, it’s very first Double HQ King abjuration drop. Indeed a pleasing event, though somewhat sad that it took this long.kbjune5

There was also a Cerberus, but unless the Hide is HQ’d, it doesn’t deserve a screenshot.

Sorry, no Lulz today. Couldn’t find a relevant (Like it matters) picture to stick on here, Deal with it!

Kill, Get nothing good, Repeat.

28 06 2009

Been a while since a post, but nothing particularly eventful has occured, a severe lack of High Quality drops and/or Lulz makes posting interesting blogs a little difficult. Alaistair has been ferociously camping Tiamat in hopes that he’ll get those goddamn shoes eventually. We’ve claimed a half dozen or So Fafs, most of which dropped N.head, so there’s at least something decent for a change.

It all eventually boils down to one simple question.

How does one obtain delicious cake?Cakedelicious

The solution coming soon!