The Treasure Hunter is a Lie.

26 09 2009

The Thief job (Class for those not versed in the FFXI ways, though if you’re reading this I have to wonder why) is an interesting case. Completely incompetent at Damage, absolutely worthless at hate control (Assuming your tanks don’t suck), and in no way beneficial to obtaining extra or desired loot, save for crystals. One has to sit back and ponder for a moment, then, what this job is useful for. It all inevitably leads back to the most universal of expressions, the facepalm. For Thief has no purpose. Even tools are useful, Thief is neither a tool, nor is it useful. Some bold declarations I dare say. However,Thirty odd Fafnirs without a Ridill drop, and a King Behemoth that dropped more gil items than any previous (the latter had absolutely no TH on it) speak volumes more than some idiot spamming on a blog.  But at least desired items were at least obtained, a petty victory, but a victory nonetheless. So have at this compiled screenshot to satiate your hunger for a visually stimulating medium. Gratz on Shadowkept for Assjammer hat.Events9-24


Need to make a stop at the Failure Station…

6 08 2009


It would appear as though WoopaTroopas knack for almost exclusively getting the Dryadic Abjuration Feet has run it’s course. Either that or Aspidochelone needs to make a withdrawl at the First International Bank of Failure. The Last weekish has produced some interesting results in terms of kings, and indeed, I finally felt it time to update this once more. Starting off with the most impressive, as you may have already guessed, Aspidochelone dropped perhaps WoopaTroopas rarest Abjuration, the Wyrmal Abjuration Body. That however, is only the beginning of a fairly brief, but wonderous run in king drops since the Maintenance and the inevitable 20+ “Emergency” Maintentances that reset kings to JP time. A very late night King Vinegarroon yielded his entirety of Rare/Exclusive drops, and I must take time to Thank the individuals who were not part of our wholesome little linkshell who still assisted. And even more impressive, just today, A Gaiters drop Tiamat. Which was only more impressive by the cacaphony of failure that preceeded it, incuding One flail, countless Horrid Roars, A Raging rush for Single Digits, and finally, a wipe that allowed us to claim Tiamat at 5% and dispatch him for full drops. Shortlythereafter we Also managed to “Snag” of sorts a King Behemoth. When the original Claimers were too few, and unprepared for this very early (Both in Days, and in Windows) pop. But don’t take my word for it, gorge yourselves on these photos straight from the battlefield!


KVaug4 [Gratz: Altaiir(Ace’s Helm); Sandmann(Heavy Shell]

tiamat0806 [Gratz:Goodgirlfaith(Herald’s Gaiters)]

kbaug8 [Gratz: Goodgirlfaith(Wyrmal Abjuration: Head); Xcrashx(Pixie Earring)]

With our Luck surely depleted for the month, prepare yourselves for limitless lulz, as Mbody, after Mfeet, after Elegs, after Ehands drop from kings. There is no better conductor of lulz than drowning in ones own hate.

2Kings 1Day.

19 07 2009


And so, the Woopas’ Streak this week comes to an end, but not because the streak has ended, but the week itself! With Maintenance just some Hours away, a rare turn of events happened that nobody expected, least of all us. Multiple Kings popped before the Reset, and what’s more, Both of them were claimed and Defeated by Woopas!  First up, we have yet another King Behemoth claimed by our fair linkshell, and though a Defending ring drop, there was not, the Wyrmal Abjuration: head is a suitable consolation, as it seems to be the only Abjuration that is not immediately used as bathroom tissue. Nothing about this fight was predictable, which is surprising, giventhe grindtastic rigmaroll of MMO games.  We had not even planned on camping it instead,  only 1 person was waiting to nab ToD in the case that the Normal Behemoth popped, on the very last window however, we had a veritable swarm log on, and indeed it helped as the claim was secured with little more than 10 minutes of camp time. The Fight itself was nothing stellar though, despite the best efforts and a few vokes during a brief unclaimed instance by Odin Server’s local RMT linkshell, we managed to keep claim and kill the foul creature. A big “Fuck You” to those who would resort to stealing NM’s because they can’t motivate their Members to not AFK completely until claim.


Not some Hours after this incident,  Nidhogg too, decide he saw fit to appear for us before the much awaited introduction of Curry Buns(lol). And the Value of the Black Magic Spell: Stone, was proven once again, securing the claim of the Wyrm for our Linkshell, and, additionally, our First non A.body(OrM.body, but nobody cares about that) from the creature in some months. Though certainly not the Coveted Earth Abjuration: Body, at this point, the Neptunal: Legs are a welcome reprise from green felt coats. And, in a most rare incident, I actually get to congratulate myslef on something, So Big Gratz to Zicdeh for Neptunal Ajburation: Legs, as well as the Wyrmal Abjuratoin: Head from KB. And Gratz to LolKhimari for Pixie earring.


I end now, with a most sincere Thank You to my fellow Woopas, though Every drop from these kings is Earned personally by the respective player, none of it is possible without the rest of you.

Another Landmark, and another Cerberus.

6 07 2009

Even a fairly old Linkshell like WoopaTroopas and it’s varying iterations are subject to occasional, unprescedented events. And indeed, another has happened, defying all logic we have come to know. Upon Claiming today, the Closet case known as King behemoth (What straight man is that purple? SRSLY?!) we engaged in a fairly short fagdrag of sorts (Get it, lolkiting the homosexual King). Upon defeat, our linkshell was stunned with disbelief. For something even rarer than the defending ring dropped. My friends, WoopaTroopas obtained this day, it’s very first Double HQ King abjuration drop. Indeed a pleasing event, though somewhat sad that it took this long.kbjune5

There was also a Cerberus, but unless the Hide is HQ’d, it doesn’t deserve a screenshot.

Sorry, no Lulz today. Couldn’t find a relevant (Like it matters) picture to stick on here, Deal with it!

WoopaTroopas Declares ultimate win!

31 05 2009


Several Nidhogg’s in the last month.  Multiple Gnadbhod Helm drops. A very generous Proto-Ultima. Bahamut’s Mask and Staff in the same battle.  It indeed has been quite a month for our linkshell.  But, all that is destroyed in what is undeniably the greatest HNM achievement of the linkshell (As far as drops are concerned), and that is, yes friends, a DEFENDING RING. Since the creation of WoopaTroopas(And the various leader swap induced name changes thereafter and up until the present) we have not seen this particular drop.  Which is not uncommon, as it’s recorded on Average two defending rings drop per year on any given server. We however, were lucky enough to obtain one this day. If the glee inducing cock ring that is the defending ring were not good enough Warlike also completed his Black Belt quest with the Behemoth Tongue. And in a final declaration of ultimate, almost immediately after obtaining this, the Woopas set out for Aery and claimed Fafnir as well, though not as generous as his purple, meteor inducing comrade in Qufim, he nevertheless actually produced a desired Abjuration, arguably the second best Fafnir drop, next to the coveted Ridill.  The Neptunal Abjuration: Head. A huge congratulations goes out to Freonski for the acquisition of the Defending ring. For everything he has done for the Linkshell, this was a fitting prize indeed, and should have gone to none other. A slightly less enthusiastic Gratz to Warlike for Black belt completion and Altaiir on the Neptunal Abjuration: Head, any day Fafnir drops something someone takes is a good day, and not a waste of 3 hours.