Assorted events are assorted.

7 09 2009


I’ve been neglecting updating, but that doesn’t mean we’ve neglected events. I now present a general slice of goodness that has been going on lately. Not as much worthwhile as we would hope, but then again, our shell is founded on the idea that FFXI can still be fun, and thus, we are not slaves to lolitems.  That said, it’s nevertheless entertaining when members get what they’re entitled to. The latest batch consists of Two ace’s helms and two Byakko’s haidates. Enjoy.SkyDrops9-7SkyObtain9-7


I still argue that the best drop was Cyprias.

Nobody took a screenshot of Basster’s KV, but he also obtained an Ace’s helm three days after this one, so congratz to everyone.


Need to make a stop at the Failure Station…

6 08 2009


It would appear as though WoopaTroopas knack for almost exclusively getting the Dryadic Abjuration Feet has run it’s course. Either that or Aspidochelone needs to make a withdrawl at the First International Bank of Failure. The Last weekish has produced some interesting results in terms of kings, and indeed, I finally felt it time to update this once more. Starting off with the most impressive, as you may have already guessed, Aspidochelone dropped perhaps WoopaTroopas rarest Abjuration, the Wyrmal Abjuration Body. That however, is only the beginning of a fairly brief, but wonderous run in king drops since the Maintenance and the inevitable 20+ “Emergency” Maintentances that reset kings to JP time. A very late night King Vinegarroon yielded his entirety of Rare/Exclusive drops, and I must take time to Thank the individuals who were not part of our wholesome little linkshell who still assisted. And even more impressive, just today, A Gaiters drop Tiamat. Which was only more impressive by the cacaphony of failure that preceeded it, incuding One flail, countless Horrid Roars, A Raging rush for Single Digits, and finally, a wipe that allowed us to claim Tiamat at 5% and dispatch him for full drops. Shortlythereafter we Also managed to “Snag” of sorts a King Behemoth. When the original Claimers were too few, and unprepared for this very early (Both in Days, and in Windows) pop. But don’t take my word for it, gorge yourselves on these photos straight from the battlefield!


KVaug4 [Gratz: Altaiir(Ace’s Helm); Sandmann(Heavy Shell]

tiamat0806 [Gratz:Goodgirlfaith(Herald’s Gaiters)]

kbaug8 [Gratz: Goodgirlfaith(Wyrmal Abjuration: Head); Xcrashx(Pixie Earring)]

With our Luck surely depleted for the month, prepare yourselves for limitless lulz, as Mbody, after Mfeet, after Elegs, after Ehands drop from kings. There is no better conductor of lulz than drowning in ones own hate.

The Crucible ends.

23 04 2009

A crucible is desribed as an overwheliming test or ordeal.  If that is the case, a Linkshell mates crucible has finally come to an end.  For once the in history of Final Fantasy XI, emergency maintenance had a positive effect for our linkshell.  The member in question, an asshat by the name of Tyco, had been cheated out of his lolhat (Ace’s Helm) far too many times to count.  Spending possibly longer than any person in the history of Final Fantasy XI to obtain said item.  Alas, my friends, as the day of this writing marks the end of this failfest, behold the unthinkable


As you can see by the reaction of our friendly Corsair, nobody was actually expecting an Earth Crystal, much less an Ace’s Helm.  It is however, very refreshing that we will no longer have to listen to a certain someone whine about said hat.  This surprise is also compounded by the fact a certain RDM/DRK whom was our only chainspell stun, shot his proverbial wad about 2minutes too early, leaving us to zerg down a fully mobile King Vineagarroon.  Luckily, thanks in no small part to the King’s poor choice of Weapon Skills, we managed to slay the foul dictator of Altepa, suffering no casualties in the process, and with nary a tip of the hat.  One can’t help but think however, that the good King simply never wanted to see Tyco in his pad again.  king_vinegarroon

Happy hunting fellow fighters!

An eventful weekend

13 04 2009

The weekend, the promising time of rest after a hard week’s work, the time at which one would get drunk or laid, maybe even both. Assuming you’re not a nerdy geek that is.
In the case of our hard-working drones it’s obviously the latter as evidenced by the all the things we have accomplished in the past two days.

Now, where to begin? Chronological order would be the obvious choice, so let’s cut to the chase and start with an Ixion, boring and repetitive as usual despite the new rage timer, but at least not quite as stingy as one would expect:

Ixion Drops

Following this fate had quite an interesting twist in store for us since the Khimaira decided to show its disfigured body, which obviously caught our attention. And so some of us went on a journey to the Caedarva Mire, a dark place infested with tentacle-monsters most of us know from certain Japanese, uh, comic books,
and engaged the Khimaira in a fight that would best be described as boring exciting and refreshing. Eventually we were rewarded with our linkshell’s very first Hauteclaire, congratulations to Freonski since he finally found a sword big enough to match his giant crotch!
Also, congratulations to Lichtl on getting his brand-new Seveneyes!

Brad Kidd approved Khimaira drops

As you can see, these drops have received Brad Kidd’s seal of approval, something the two aforementioned lootwhores persons on the receiving end can only answer with a cry of joy:

Lichtl and the guy with the giant wang

Naturally we could not just leave it at that even though the end of the weekend drew nearer and nearer and so we went to town with the self-proclaimed ruler of the skies, king of wyrms, Bahamut:


Not the most exciting of drops, but depending on what my capable hands do with the cloth we might be able to get some cash out of this.

Next we went on a trip to Temenos since it had been a while since our last bout with Ultima, yielding us the following:


Congratulations to Temudschin and Rafnir on Nashira crackows and Nashira turban!

Last one to fall was King Vinegarroon the dreaded, surprisingly passive scorpion king:
18 of our best men engaged him in a fight best described as epic, but there was no helping it, the mighty king would not waver despite our best efforts and so the wyvern who’s been my partner since January 2005, Rygor, decided to finish him off with a mighty blow:

Rygor almighty

The drops weren’t quite as appealing as we had hoped, but at least Rygor got a chance to display his powers.
Yes, maybe he really did just happen to land the last hit as KV was torn apart by a bunch of Apocalypse/various multi-hit weapons wielding DRKs, but we really shouldn’t mind the details too much, right?

With that we could finally call it a day, allowing our men and women to finally get some hard-earned rest, it was the weekend after all.

Today’s word of advice:
Don’t get drawn in by King Vinegarroon when you’re fighting an Antica on the other side of the map, things might get ugly when a train of them finally catches up with you.