Tipping the scales.

2 07 2009

FFXIbalancelolFor all the effort the arbiters of the world of Final Fantasy 11 put in with bannings and clamor about maintaining a sense of “Balance” in the game, you have items like the Herald’s Gaiters which seemingly destroy their work, yet at the same time are completely sanctioned for use by the players of Final Fantasy 11. Well, Woopatroopas can add 1 more Mage to the roster of “Unbelievably overpowered and damn near invincible”. Alaistair has finally been graced with the ONLY reason anyone camps Tiamat. In what is sure to rival Tyco’s crucible with the Ace’s Helm, Alaistair spent many sleepless nights camping the Wyrm, often for it only to pop in a timezone where our attendance leaves much to be desired. His tenacity pays off however, and finally (Sort of) Tiamat has graced him with said boots. Big Congratulations.

In other news, Kirin failed to drop anything worthwile as always. But Gratz to Altaiir for Neptunal Abjuration: Body. That about sums up any worthwile events. Until next time at least!



11 06 2009

I have been saving the OWLICOPTER for a very special day, a day that nobody thought would come in the entirety of our linkshell. We’ve got Defending Ring, We’ve got E.bodies, we’ve got Sea Torques, and even two relics. But nothing beats what happened today, the 11th of June. Prepare thyselves for there will be no going back once you read on.

WoopaTroopas got something other than Dfeet from Aspidochelone. I know, it’s shocking really! On top of that, it was anĀ  uncontested Asspie with only 9 people to help defeat the walking failurefactory. Truly a greater incident in HNM history there is not! And that is only the beginning of a fairly productive day.aspi0611-1An extra big grats goes to Googirlfaith (or just faith, as she prefers) For finally joining the fuzzy green coat club. Having been not present for the past few drops, it was long overdue.

Today also however saw a rebirth of events that had not been attempted in a while, either from lack of interested, or lack of members, however we finally began again to raid Sky(Namely Kirin) And Sea, after over a year of a hiatus. As always, Kirin was unwilling to bestow anything on our group other than the D.body, but at least there was an Osode today. As for sea, I’ll let the screenshots speak for themselves, and send gratz out to Akeem.