What the Fuck?

24 11 2010

Seriously, what the fuck is this shit?



Updates: Where?

29 07 2010

Long story short. Abyssea is Serious business. Drops are too plentiful to want to spam them constantly, but rest assured, when something really noteworthy happens, It’ll be here!


1 06 2010

Forgive the telegraph inspired title, I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption a little too much. But yes, it seems, just in time for the new update, VNM’s have finally been “Figured out”, though what exactly that means is up for debate. We have acknowledged now that there is a correlation between VNM’s that have Shadows, and a boost in drop rates (Particularly rings and Elemental Ores) yet even with this revelation, the VNM system is still a perversion of game design, particularly with regards to Yilbegan.

Still, we manage, The 5th ring added to the Linkshell Arsenal (Whoopity shit amirite?) but more importantly, members are closing in on completing the extremely powerful “Occasionally Attacks Twice” Powerhouse weapons. The first (not counting solo’d Krabkatoas) being the Punisher axe made from 10 Baby Blodingnags, for lolbst Zicdeh. I Just so happen to have a picture from that Moment of Triumph:

And here it is equipped!

And of course, the ring we (Or I mean Freonski, but do I even have to specify any more?) got!

Duo Krabkatoa spoils:

Well, that should do it for this post. The Update is looming just around the corner, so expect some good posts when the Abyssea zone and Walk of Echo’s is released. Also, a message to my fellow linkshell mates along those regards:


Nidhogg <3 WT

20 04 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words, yes? Not bad for 5 days between kills!

And not technically a Linkshell event, I felt obligated to post this screenshot after a two week, 16kill Ordeal, Finally.Another of my jobs is a step closer to never having to wear the Walahra Turban again!

Oh, that silly Freo.

9 03 2010

Some leaders are Tyrants. Some leaders are puppets. Some leaders are fair and just rulers.

But only Freonski is lolfreo.

Why no Updates?!?!?!?!

24 11 2009

Much like a mistress, FFXI is best left to it’s own devices for a while. It saves money, and allows you time to propigate your pleasure elsewhere. Currently I’m enthralled by Bioware’s new RPG epic, Dragon Age: Origins, and when that has run it’s course, I shall return. Or, if by chance I found out that Synergy system isn’t a bunch of hogwash, but we shall see.

And because it makes as much sense as anything else:

The Never Ending Cavalcade of Failure.

9 10 2009

Though from our blog entries as of late, it may seem to the uninitiated that we are skipping many events, however one would be making a false assumption. It’s important to note I generally do not see fit to update the same Fafnir dropping assjammer, or Aspidochelone dropping good ol’ Dfeet, but in the interest of maintaining a sense to the outside world that we indeed are as strong as ever, I will update the latest batch of claims and kills.

This morning being the most expected, an easy claim Aspidochelone that of course only dropped Dryadic Abjuration: feet. But the Egg was sold to a Monk for a paltry 5,000,000 gil. One third of the price we sold an unused Nidhogg abjuration for, so I guess it was not all bad.


A few days ago we managed to hop on out to Chasm and claim ourselves a Tiamat too. Though of course, as is the case with most HNM, the desired item eluded our treasure pool. A rather uneventful battle, Tiamat remaining one of the least impressive foes to grace the surface of Vana’diel.


Khimaira, on the other hand was SLIGHTLY more generous, actually dropping something (though how useful is a case of much debate) that could be considered in terms of blog worthy. Of course however, Hauteclaire Fail chain continues uninturrupted.


And what entry would be complete without complimentary lulz. This one courtesy of Freonski’s quest for Maat’s Cap. As a little backstory for the screenshot, Freo had been trying to get Dragoon’s Testimony for about 5 hours. Alaistair decided he could get it first try, and they made a gentleman’s wager, the results captured in undeniable default screencap.