The birth of a new Pet Linkshell.

3 10 2009

As opposed to my normal forte, of ranting about the misadventures and mediocre (usually) drop pools of the Woopas, let me take an aside, and discuss a radical change for our Linkshell. For several weeks, many members have been cleansing the Korroloka tunnels of anything organic. And gaining vast amounts of Experience whilst doing it. This has created a shift in our primary damage capability from Black Mages, to Summoners. And thus, as far as my knowledge reaches, Odin has seen the birth of a new (And only) Pet oriented linkshell. The battle to create our new Summoners (And occasional beastmaster) is not without pain however. Casualties are unavoidable, so let us take a moment to remember, a victim of the vile Dongasaurus Rex.

1. The Elusive Dongasaurus Rex, a seldom seen inhabitant of the Korroloka tunnel has found it’s Natural Prey, Grizzled, generically handsome men.


2. The Vile creature then prepares to use it’s preferred method of dispatch, the incredibly powerful “Cockslap” {Damage Varies with Length, width and TP}


3. The Silver Lining, is the massive Girth of the weapon, allows for a generous charge time, however if caught unsuspecting, an adventurer may not seize the opportunity to protect his holes.


4. Unfortunately, this adventurer has fallen victim, like many others, to the Dongasaurus Rex. Let this serve as a reminder that if we wish to astral burn, it is not without risk.


5. Level down indeed…


When words are not enough…

28 09 2009


There are pictures.

Spec. Ops: Dynamis-Xarcabard: SUCCESS

16 08 2009

The Date: 16/8/2009

The Time: 5:00am [PST]

The Locale: Frozen Wasteland known as Dynamis Xarcabard.

The Team: Freonski(Xcrashx<mule) Lichtl, Zicdeh.

The Mission: Create another THIV Mule for the Linkshell.

Operation Status: Overwhelming Success.


This one simple picture does not do justice to what actually happened. Aside from assassinating Count Raum, the shadow team was also able to dispatch select infantry and also obtain as trophies of war: Etoile Casque(Lichtl) Bard’s Cannions(Zicdeh) Mirage Jubbah(Freonski) Summoner’s Horn(Freonski). A most successful mission if there ever was one.

The Scientific Process: Raging NMs.

23 07 2009


As many (If not all) of the Endgame Final Fantasy XI crowd are well aware, with this version update came an enigmatic note, regarding the “Ghange in behavior of various NM’s in regard to building Rage.”. Nobody ever said the scientific process was pleasant, and naturally discovering just how this has changed would be quite risky. Fortunately for the Odin Server, the Local RMT HNM Ls was the Lab rats for the expiriment. Claiming and Holding an NQ (Normal Quality) Behemoth for an extremely long time in order to satiate their greedy lust to sell more gil. What resulted is possibly the funniest event in FFXI HNM history, a Full wipe to Behemoth, an often solo’d Notorious monster of approximately Level 70. Feast your eyes on these wonderful captures from the a Laboratory of Qufim Island’s Behemoth Dominion!

Exhibit One: The beginning: At only two percent HP remaining, one would think victory is assured, one would think…


Exhibit 2: Having begun his feast of RMT Flesh, Behemoth began chasing down the now fleeing and terrified rats, whom just moments before had been celebrating their claim, below we can see one unfortunate victim, and just how powerful raged NM’s are.


If we take a moment to zoom in, we can see in greater detail, through the magic of numbers, just what is transpiring.


Exhibit 3: With a Belly full of RMT, Behemoth declaims and returns to his non-rage status, at which point another linkshell would finish off the Beast and obtain the spoils.


Now we may formulate a hypothesis with the acquired data, Aside from the obvious, that this particular linkshells members are idiots, we can perhaps assume at least, that the changes to the rage timers means that HNM’s no longer “Build” Rage, instead, immediately at their timer, Reach full power, decimating any who would dare hold it long enough.  Isn’t the scientific process fun kids?

Aspidochelone Dfeets WoopaTroopas.(Again)

28 06 2009

Rather than rant about what inevitably happens 90% of the time you claim an Asspie Turtle, I thought this little comic would sum it up better and the chuckles might help relive some of the frustration of a wasted King. This originates from the last Aspichelone claimed by the Linkshell some weeks ago, after browsing our claim/drop  archives.StarwarsDfeet1StarwarsDfeet2StarwarsDfeet3StarwarsDfeet4

Kill, Get nothing good, Repeat.

28 06 2009

Been a while since a post, but nothing particularly eventful has occured, a severe lack of High Quality drops and/or Lulz makes posting interesting blogs a little difficult. Alaistair has been ferociously camping Tiamat in hopes that he’ll get those goddamn shoes eventually. We’ve claimed a half dozen or So Fafs, most of which dropped N.head, so there’s at least something decent for a change.

It all eventually boils down to one simple question.

How does one obtain delicious cake?Cakedelicious

The solution coming soon!

We apologize for the inconvience…

8 06 2009

JPONRYYes indeed, What was turning to be a wonderful time with kings lingering in our zone, quickly went sour, when Square decided that it was JP time. As a result, it’s been a fairly slow time for the Shell. Sure, we do Sky, Limbus and Dark Ixions, but none of that is really blog worthy, at least not without an incident of Kirin, Prototype Weapons or Freonski getting to swallow a few of his own teeth via Acheron Kick. Of course, sometimes you get lucky. On the 6th Fafnir decided to wait until the very last window to pop, and it being saturday, we oddly had more than enough to take the wyrm out. Yielding probably the lowest amount of drops ever seen in my time doing HNMs. We all blame Alaistair for forgetting Signet.faf0606

There is also a pretty lulzy Tiamat. Apparently 320 hours of ToD camping isn’t enough to drop some shoes, game breaking as they are. But hell, at least we can make a Blue Cothardie now. That’s worth something.  Approximately 30,000g On Odin server, yipee.tiagay