Abyssea: The Story so Far.

8 08 2010

Yes, Abyssea is a hit, not just with Endgame people, but with the FFXI community as a whole.  Ease of entry, amazing spoils and interesting encounters all make Abyssea the funnest Battle-Oriented FFXI Activity to date. Here’s just a taste of what we’ve got.

Also, in a shocking turn of Events, Nidhogg was actually generous, instead of his standard, Trolly, MBody/NLegs spamming self. Just when you think you got it figured out…


The Early Bird catches the Wyrm, indeed.

19 06 2010

Hopefully Exeter learned his lesson. FFXI and Sleep cannot coexist.

In lighter news, we still haven’t got a Yilbegan Ring to drop in about 40 pops. Not surprising in the least, but no less infuriating. But some of the TIII’s are opening themselves up and allowing their fruits to be enjoyed. Some of the latest:

And of course, nobody bothered to take a screenshot, but Fatty (Exeter) obtained the Aquarian Abjuration: Body from a recent Nidhogg battle, for all the use it will be to a Black Mage he is never on.  Luckily, in light of not having a Screenshot, you will be treated to my amazing artist’s rendition of the glorious battle. Behold!

As always, check your corners, and keep your powder dry.

Nidhogg <3 WT

20 04 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words, yes? Not bad for 5 days between kills!

And not technically a Linkshell event, I felt obligated to post this screenshot after a two week, 16kill Ordeal, Finally.Another of my jobs is a step closer to never having to wear the Walahra Turban again!

It’s been a while, thanks for coming.

15 01 2010

It’s been a while that’s for damn sure. It’s nice to take a break from Final Fantasy XI every so often, and that break isn’t going to end any time soon, however just so much has happened. I’ve popped my ugly head on every few days to see what’s what, and I got to say, what I’m about to post is quite interesting, and not even all inclusive. It’s almost as if Square Enix was in a heavy ballwash regimen for the past two months

Sever populations are starting to dwindle, and the remaining FFXI players are reaping the benefits, aside from another competing shell consisting of a good third of the ENTIRE SERVER, it’s virtually impossible to not snag a claim a day. So expect the loot pools to continue to swell, just don’t expect an update until a month or so after Mass Effect 2’s Launch, cause that’s where I’ll be!

Enjoy your update… You bastards.

For you non-EU:Adama Ore, AdamanOre, AquarianAbjuration:Body, AdamantoiseEgg.

And there’s still more. Nanolino’s Ridill in particular, but it may take some time to navigate the labyrthine archive of screenshots to find that.

Busy day indeed.

14 09 2009

Ah the weekends. A time to relax, maybe crack open a few brews, fuck that hedgehog you call a girlfriend. Indeed wonderful times.

Unless you’re in a linkshell, then, everything pops in succession as you’re about to go out for a night on the club. Still, it’s something to blog about, so here’s the latest batch of woopakills.


Unfornately, it is a with a little hesitance I post this Nidhogg picture. I never like the idea of someone else profiting off our work, but I suppose since nobody wanted, it’s okay. It just sucks having to lose a Nidhogg abjuration.Nid

And of course, we have Angry Purple Fail, Khimaira, who’s tenancy to drop absolutely nothing is quite astonishing.

KhimAnd that sums this eventful day up. Until next time.

E.body number five.

26 08 2009


If the title and picture couldn’t sum it up enough, Woopatroopas today has indeed attained only the fifth Nidhogg Earthen Abjuration:Body in our existence. Sadly, the ancient earth pact was wasted on some thankless asshole.


The irony of the situation is, that is probably the worst Nidhogg pool we’ve ever seen, but whatever, a blurpleberk to satiate asshat DD’s is enough AMIRITE?!

Anyway, Thanks to everyone that was there, unfortunately for you all, I still have too many points to leave the Linkshell, so you’re stuck with me.

2Kings 1Day.

19 07 2009


And so, the Woopas’ Streak this week comes to an end, but not because the streak has ended, but the week itself! With Maintenance just some Hours away, a rare turn of events happened that nobody expected, least of all us. Multiple Kings popped before the Reset, and what’s more, Both of them were claimed and Defeated by Woopas!  First up, we have yet another King Behemoth claimed by our fair linkshell, and though a Defending ring drop, there was not, the Wyrmal Abjuration: head is a suitable consolation, as it seems to be the only Abjuration that is not immediately used as bathroom tissue. Nothing about this fight was predictable, which is surprising, giventhe grindtastic rigmaroll of MMO games.  We had not even planned on camping it instead,  only 1 person was waiting to nab ToD in the case that the Normal Behemoth popped, on the very last window however, we had a veritable swarm log on, and indeed it helped as the claim was secured with little more than 10 minutes of camp time. The Fight itself was nothing stellar though, despite the best efforts and a few vokes during a brief unclaimed instance by Odin Server’s local RMT linkshell, we managed to keep claim and kill the foul creature. A big “Fuck You” to those who would resort to stealing NM’s because they can’t motivate their Members to not AFK completely until claim.


Not some Hours after this incident,  Nidhogg too, decide he saw fit to appear for us before the much awaited introduction of Curry Buns(lol). And the Value of the Black Magic Spell: Stone, was proven once again, securing the claim of the Wyrm for our Linkshell, and, additionally, our First non A.body(OrM.body, but nobody cares about that) from the creature in some months. Though certainly not the Coveted Earth Abjuration: Body, at this point, the Neptunal: Legs are a welcome reprise from green felt coats. And, in a most rare incident, I actually get to congratulate myslef on something, So Big Gratz to Zicdeh for Neptunal Ajburation: Legs, as well as the Wyrmal Abjuratoin: Head from KB. And Gratz to LolKhimari for Pixie earring.


I end now, with a most sincere Thank You to my fellow Woopas, though Every drop from these kings is Earned personally by the respective player, none of it is possible without the rest of you.