Day 2 and 3, Maintenance woes!

10 04 2009

The version update, an event anticipated by the playerbase with great joy, usually turns out to be not quite as satisfying as the update notes promise. This time around, however, things turned out to be even worse than usual. The instant the gobbiebags were released markets were crushed without a second thought, capitalism infested the hearts of our citizens and about everyone was trying to earn some money by buying and selling items like they’re the kings of the stock exchange.

Naturally, a few managed to resist that urge, some because they’re poor, like me, and others because they had better things to do, camping Fafnir for instance, an ambition which was rewarded with a modest assortment of items, congratulations to Seig on his N. Aburation: head!
Drops 08/04/09

Considering that the maintenance had been extended by another few hours on Odin and Leviathan, our fearless, sleep-deprived mongrels were already preparing themselves for yet another all-nighter.
Knowing that, SE, being the generous company it is, decided to give maintenance another shot on the next day, this time scheduling it to finish in a humane timeframe.
Having a reason to rejoice, our morale was boosted and thus we took it upon ourselves to go to the Dragon’s Aery again, eagerly anticipating the moment the incredibly popular Play-Button would once again be dyed in the wonderful grey/black color thingy that would allow us to play again.
Of course things went well, we managed to claim Fafnir, who had been expecting us by that time and brought him down after a rather short fight:

This time around he was being rather stingy though, so we left with nothing to give to our hard-working members:
Meager drops

No reason to let sadness get the better of us though, killing him again and again is what we’re going to do!

Got another nifty chunk of advice for fellow tanks though, I hope you guys appreciate it, don’t be as foolish as I am.

No Shiheis

does not go well with this
Mog Safe

and will probably result in this

Also, something I forgot to mention, two weeks ago we finished our linkshell’s first relic weapon, congratulations on your Apocalypse, Freonski!
Took us and him quite a while to finish it but thanks to his bottomless purse as well as a certain someone’s horse-fetish (Screw you, Dark Ixion, never again) that resulted in us camping Dark Ixion for weeks on end, we eventually managed to finish it.

Needless to say, we were ecstatic and so we decided to celebrate this wonderful event in an appropriate fashion:

Apocalyptic dance

Apparently we were delighted. I guess. Got nothing to do with being half-asleep at 3 AM.

Anyway, that’s it for today, we shall brace ourselves for all the claim-wars yet to come and wish all of our rival shells the best of luck!