Worms, Wyrms and Warlike!

23 05 2009

Sandworm, Square Enix’s horridly flawed game design in a cunting nutshell.  I ask the weary travelers of FFXI on what logic should an HNM spawn once every 20-25 hours (Meaning a five hour window) with around twenty goddamn spawn points?  If that wasn’t bad enough, this particular HNM may decide, arbitrarily of course, to Despawn and return to an undocumented respawn time.  Wonderful!   Be that as it may, when you can find this cloud of congealed asshatery, the spoils are most often, quit stupendous.  The last three days have yielded quit the bag of swag as illustrated:guivre

SW2205Though perhaps not as significant as say a Nidhogg abjuration, or a decent (W/A body) From Asspie turtle, the spoils from these battles are nevertheless smiled upon and will certainly enjoy  a place collecting dust in someones mog locker.   Of course Sandworm drops are well enough alone, but throw in some Wyrm fights and you’ve got good times ahead of you.  In this case, We have secured yet another Nidhogg and consequently another Nidhogg abjuration.  nid0517Congrats to Ninjanymphet on the Martial Abjuration: Body.  Though some would be so bold as to state such a drop is wasted on a bard with the Gjallarhorn, I decree that the Martial Abjuration: Body was wasted at the advent of Salvage.  Still though, who is anyone to judge aside from the recipient?  Certainly not me.  Of course, Square’s Game design ordains by the algorithms cast unto players that you can only fit so much win in a single week.  As such, server retaliation against the linkshell was swift and painful.  For, given the effort to camp Tiamat, only to have this:tiaCan best be summed up with this:FAIL

I’ll end this also with Congratulating Warlike some assclown who had Nashira Legs auto sort to him with half a limbus point and then never came back to limbus. on his new Alkalurops.  I wish you had taken screen shots, but so be it.

Until next time, keep your skills sharp, and your eyes pealed.


One versus seventy. Probability of Failure. ZERO percent.

21 05 2009

With what is normally the end of a college or high school semester nearing or already passed for some, Linkshell activity has been picking up.  With the most recent stretch of engagements resulting in wonderous streak of claims, and a mixed bag of drops.  Starting with the most lulzy, we have Aspidochelone.  Claims in FFXI are, at least as intended by SQUARE-ENIX luck based, however the statistical impossibility of what transpired in the following screenshot leaves many questions.  the EU button function was in at least half effect here.ffxi20090521152402Of course, having expended all EU points for the day, what follows was quit predictable, after all, why give a Linkshell that can actually handle itself (KV with noob RDMs aside) a decent drop?Of course, as reconciliation for the abysmal Dfeet drop, Guivre (Courtesy Sandworm Doomvoid) was unusually generous, resulting in quite the treasure pool. guivreWar does not determine who is right, only who is left.  But internet War only determines who is the virgin.