Absolution of Asshatery.

25 05 2009

Gnadhbod'sAh yes, my weary travelers.  What more is the game of Final Fantasy XI than a quest for hats?  First there was the Optical Hat,  Then there was the Walahra Turban(Fancy Arabic name for hat).  Next came the Ace’s Helm (Again, an armored hat).  Now, we have the coveted Gnadbhod’s helm.  The day of this posting, our intrepid Woopas fought against and defeated four consecutive times, the vile Bloodcrown Brradhod with the hopes that he might avail the headgear upon us.   Much to our surprise and glee, Bloodcrown Braradhod saw it unfit to bestow one, or even two of these hats upon our warriors, but three!  Such generosity is unheard of in the grindtastic world of the MMO gameplay, so a shocking turn of events does not do justice.  Instead, I leave you with the screenshots of the very battles that so pleased our linkshell.  A big congratulations to Freonski, Cyprias, Alaistair and Naminguay!


Underestimating your opponent has been the last mistake of far too many individuals throughout history.  You would do well to remember that.


Blood-Bathed Lulz.

7 05 2009

A slow time for the shell lately.  Kings have left the NA-EU timezone and are lingering in JST/Oceania time.  With this turn of events however, came the oppritunity to parcipate in a completely new experience for our linkshell.  The event was the Sealed Container Notorious-Monster Battlefield (SCNM) “The Blood-bathed Crown”.  The intrepidTroops of Woop gathered for what was sure to be a challenging new experience that would flex our skill and prowess, and, perhaps even obtain the coveted orchat.  We were unfortunately, disapointed in more ways than one.  Severely overestimating the battlefield’s difficulty.  Contemplating why we had not just tried to let people solo it.  Of course the rewards were not particularly fruitous either.  As can bee seen here.Events5-7However, dissauded we are not!  We shall continue to farm pop items for this battle until the desired lolhats are obtained.  Eventually moving on to bigger and better things.

Until Next time, Happy hunting fellow fighters.