The Never Ending Cavalcade of Failure.

9 10 2009

Though from our blog entries as of late, it may seem to the uninitiated that we are skipping many events, however one would be making a false assumption. It’s important to note I generally do not see fit to update the same Fafnir dropping assjammer, or Aspidochelone dropping good ol’ Dfeet, but in the interest of maintaining a sense to the outside world that we indeed are as strong as ever, I will update the latest batch of claims and kills.

This morning being the most expected, an easy claim Aspidochelone that of course only dropped Dryadic Abjuration: feet. But the Egg was sold to a Monk for a paltry 5,000,000 gil. One third of the price we sold an unused Nidhogg abjuration for, so I guess it was not all bad.


A few days ago we managed to hop on out to Chasm and claim ourselves a Tiamat too. Though of course, as is the case with most HNM, the desired item eluded our treasure pool. A rather uneventful battle, Tiamat remaining one of the least impressive foes to grace the surface of Vana’diel.


Khimaira, on the other hand was SLIGHTLY more generous, actually dropping something (though how useful is a case of much debate) that could be considered in terms of blog worthy. Of course however, Hauteclaire Fail chain continues uninturrupted.


And what entry would be complete without complimentary lulz. This one courtesy of Freonski’s quest for Maat’s Cap. As a little backstory for the screenshot, Freo had been trying to get Dragoon’s Testimony for about 5 hours. Alaistair decided he could get it first try, and they made a gentleman’s wager, the results captured in undeniable default screencap.



Need to make a stop at the Failure Station…

6 08 2009


It would appear as though WoopaTroopas knack for almost exclusively getting the Dryadic Abjuration Feet has run it’s course. Either that or Aspidochelone needs to make a withdrawl at the First International Bank of Failure. The Last weekish has produced some interesting results in terms of kings, and indeed, I finally felt it time to update this once more. Starting off with the most impressive, as you may have already guessed, Aspidochelone dropped perhaps WoopaTroopas rarest Abjuration, the Wyrmal Abjuration Body. That however, is only the beginning of a fairly brief, but wonderous run in king drops since the Maintenance and the inevitable 20+ “Emergency” Maintentances that reset kings to JP time. A very late night King Vinegarroon yielded his entirety of Rare/Exclusive drops, and I must take time to Thank the individuals who were not part of our wholesome little linkshell who still assisted. And even more impressive, just today, A Gaiters drop Tiamat. Which was only more impressive by the cacaphony of failure that preceeded it, incuding One flail, countless Horrid Roars, A Raging rush for Single Digits, and finally, a wipe that allowed us to claim Tiamat at 5% and dispatch him for full drops. Shortlythereafter we Also managed to “Snag” of sorts a King Behemoth. When the original Claimers were too few, and unprepared for this very early (Both in Days, and in Windows) pop. But don’t take my word for it, gorge yourselves on these photos straight from the battlefield!


KVaug4 [Gratz: Altaiir(Ace’s Helm); Sandmann(Heavy Shell]

tiamat0806 [Gratz:Goodgirlfaith(Herald’s Gaiters)]

kbaug8 [Gratz: Goodgirlfaith(Wyrmal Abjuration: Head); Xcrashx(Pixie Earring)]

With our Luck surely depleted for the month, prepare yourselves for limitless lulz, as Mbody, after Mfeet, after Elegs, after Ehands drop from kings. There is no better conductor of lulz than drowning in ones own hate.

Tipping the scales.

2 07 2009

FFXIbalancelolFor all the effort the arbiters of the world of Final Fantasy 11 put in with bannings and clamor about maintaining a sense of “Balance” in the game, you have items like the Herald’s Gaiters which seemingly destroy their work, yet at the same time are completely sanctioned for use by the players of Final Fantasy 11. Well, Woopatroopas can add 1 more Mage to the roster of “Unbelievably overpowered and damn near invincible”. Alaistair has finally been graced with the ONLY reason anyone camps Tiamat. In what is sure to rival Tyco’s crucible with the Ace’s Helm, Alaistair spent many sleepless nights camping the Wyrm, often for it only to pop in a timezone where our attendance leaves much to be desired. His tenacity pays off however, and finally (Sort of) Tiamat has graced him with said boots. Big Congratulations.

In other news, Kirin failed to drop anything worthwile as always. But Gratz to Altaiir for Neptunal Abjuration: Body. That about sums up any worthwile events. Until next time at least!

Kill, Get nothing good, Repeat.

28 06 2009

Been a while since a post, but nothing particularly eventful has occured, a severe lack of High Quality drops and/or Lulz makes posting interesting blogs a little difficult. Alaistair has been ferociously camping Tiamat in hopes that he’ll get those goddamn shoes eventually. We’ve claimed a half dozen or So Fafs, most of which dropped N.head, so there’s at least something decent for a change.

It all eventually boils down to one simple question.

How does one obtain delicious cake?Cakedelicious

The solution coming soon!

We apologize for the inconvience…

8 06 2009

JPONRYYes indeed, What was turning to be a wonderful time with kings lingering in our zone, quickly went sour, when Square decided that it was JP time. As a result, it’s been a fairly slow time for the Shell. Sure, we do Sky, Limbus and Dark Ixions, but none of that is really blog worthy, at least not without an incident of Kirin, Prototype Weapons or Freonski getting to swallow a few of his own teeth via Acheron Kick. Of course, sometimes you get lucky. On the 6th Fafnir decided to wait until the very last window to pop, and it being saturday, we oddly had more than enough to take the wyrm out. Yielding probably the lowest amount of drops ever seen in my time doing HNMs. We all blame Alaistair for forgetting Signet.faf0606

There is also a pretty lulzy Tiamat. Apparently 320 hours of ToD camping isn’t enough to drop some shoes, game breaking as they are. But hell, at least we can make a Blue Cothardie now. That’s worth something.  Approximately 30,000g On Odin server, yipee.tiagay

Worms, Wyrms and Warlike!

23 05 2009

Sandworm, Square Enix’s horridly flawed game design in a cunting nutshell.  I ask the weary travelers of FFXI on what logic should an HNM spawn once every 20-25 hours (Meaning a five hour window) with around twenty goddamn spawn points?  If that wasn’t bad enough, this particular HNM may decide, arbitrarily of course, to Despawn and return to an undocumented respawn time.  Wonderful!   Be that as it may, when you can find this cloud of congealed asshatery, the spoils are most often, quit stupendous.  The last three days have yielded quit the bag of swag as illustrated:guivre

SW2205Though perhaps not as significant as say a Nidhogg abjuration, or a decent (W/A body) From Asspie turtle, the spoils from these battles are nevertheless smiled upon and will certainly enjoy  a place collecting dust in someones mog locker.   Of course Sandworm drops are well enough alone, but throw in some Wyrm fights and you’ve got good times ahead of you.  In this case, We have secured yet another Nidhogg and consequently another Nidhogg abjuration.  nid0517Congrats to Ninjanymphet on the Martial Abjuration: Body.  Though some would be so bold as to state such a drop is wasted on a bard with the Gjallarhorn, I decree that the Martial Abjuration: Body was wasted at the advent of Salvage.  Still though, who is anyone to judge aside from the recipient?  Certainly not me.  Of course, Square’s Game design ordains by the algorithms cast unto players that you can only fit so much win in a single week.  As such, server retaliation against the linkshell was swift and painful.  For, given the effort to camp Tiamat, only to have this:tiaCan best be summed up with this:FAIL

I’ll end this also with Congratulating Warlike some assclown who had Nashira Legs auto sort to him with half a limbus point and then never came back to limbus. on his new Alkalurops.  I wish you had taken screen shots, but so be it.

Until next time, keep your skills sharp, and your eyes pealed.