The Early Bird catches the Wyrm, indeed.

19 06 2010

Hopefully Exeter learned his lesson. FFXI and Sleep cannot coexist.

In lighter news, we still haven’t got a Yilbegan Ring to drop in about 40 pops. Not surprising in the least, but no less infuriating. But some of the TIII’s are opening themselves up and allowing their fruits to be enjoyed. Some of the latest:

And of course, nobody bothered to take a screenshot, but Fatty (Exeter) obtained the Aquarian Abjuration: Body from a recent Nidhogg battle, for all the use it will be to a Black Mage he is never on.  Luckily, in light of not having a Screenshot, you will be treated to my amazing artist’s rendition of the glorious battle. Behold!

As always, check your corners, and keep your powder dry.



1 06 2010

Forgive the telegraph inspired title, I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption a little too much. But yes, it seems, just in time for the new update, VNM’s have finally been “Figured out”, though what exactly that means is up for debate. We have acknowledged now that there is a correlation between VNM’s that have Shadows, and a boost in drop rates (Particularly rings and Elemental Ores) yet even with this revelation, the VNM system is still a perversion of game design, particularly with regards to Yilbegan.

Still, we manage, The 5th ring added to the Linkshell Arsenal (Whoopity shit amirite?) but more importantly, members are closing in on completing the extremely powerful “Occasionally Attacks Twice” Powerhouse weapons. The first (not counting solo’d Krabkatoas) being the Punisher axe made from 10 Baby Blodingnags, for lolbst Zicdeh. I Just so happen to have a picture from that Moment of Triumph:

And here it is equipped!

And of course, the ring we (Or I mean Freonski, but do I even have to specify any more?) got!

Duo Krabkatoa spoils:

Well, that should do it for this post. The Update is looming just around the corner, so expect some good posts when the Abyssea zone and Walk of Echo’s is released. Also, a message to my fellow linkshell mates along those regards:


New content conquered.

6 04 2010

The March update’s content certainly did not last long. A mere two weeks after the March Update has passed, Woopas has cleared the entire roster of VNM’s. Including the surprisingly easy Yilbegan, though I suppose the drop rate of the desired items is befitting of the effort involved in the kill.Better yet however, we also obtained our first Ring, after around fifteen Ruthven kills. Congratulations are in order for Blacksus, being the bearer of a new Strigoi ring.

Addendum: I forgot about the Blobdingnags, Ooooh, the Blobdingnags. What a wonderful sight to behold. I can just imagine the complicated design process to get the art for this NM just right. Clot (Model size 100% ———->500%) VERY CLEVER SE!

At least they put me closer to finishing the Occasionally Attacks Twice Punisher axe for Beastmaster though. Oh, and a Beguiling Collar, that’s actually useful, shocker.

Addendum(II): Instead of spamming additional posts to make it seem like I’m busier than I really am, I’ve opted to simply add to This existing Post until such a time as something other than VNM’s are posted. It’s simpler, saves a little bit of space and let’s face it, Freonski doesn’t deserve another post dedicated exclusively to him, what the fuck am I? Doctor Ballwash (Ph.D).

Anyway, Strigoi Ring TWO! (Freonski)

Rings: Where?

29 03 2010

Our second attempt at the newly introduced “Voidwalker” notorious monsters provided hours of typically uninteresting and seldom rewarding content. Not even availed by a black Abyssite to take on the new Yilbegan abyssean dragon, WoopaTroopas was forced (As always) to make due with spoils that did not compliment our 10 man TIII VNM kills. But take not my word for it, behold the failure first hand. Along with some screenshots of the monsters themselves, because nobody knows about google yet.

The only gratz I can bestow today is to Susono for the Arcubens Helm. Gratz!

New content yields new disappointment.

24 03 2010

The version update is here! Trial of Magians, The Abyysite Voidwalkers, Castle Zvahl open in the Shadowreign era, and even the final campaign medal ranks. Of course, there’s always a catch. Trial of Magians is a tedious snorefest for only slightly better weapons, Castle Zvahl is virtually untouchable because of lack of interest in campaign battle thanks to super shitty final campaign rank items. So that just leaves the Abyssite Voidwalkers. Well, screenshots speak for themselves.